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Marathon Star Parties

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Marathon Motel and RV Park offers star parties every night, weather permitting. Marathon Motel is a historic motel located on the west side of town just off Hwy. 90.

The spacious grounds are also host to Marathon Sky Park, a premier astrophotography site with world class astrophotographers gathering deep space data around the clock!

Star parties begin just after dusk. Park owner Danny Self (on the right) and onsite astronomer and astro-photographer Bill Ramey (left) provide friendly star talks.

See the beautiful night sky up close through a variety of telescopes including Newtonian, Dobsonian reflectors, a Casagrain Equatorial Telescope and more. Photo courtesy Voni Glaves.

The knowledgeable crew at Marathon Sky Park make night sky viewing an enlightening experience.

Marathon is an isolated community surrounded by some of Texas's largest tracts of undeveloped land. Mountain ranges prevent light pollution from more populated areas from affecting the skyline here.

The town's small population and night sky conscious outlook allow stars to take the spotlight each night.

Make this unique experience a part of your next visit to Marathon and the Big Bend!

You never know what you might see!

Contact Marathon Motel and RV Park, make reservations, view the Marathon night sky via live web cam, and more— all at the motel's website.

Check out the amazing gallery of astrophotography captured from Marathon Sky Park.

Learn more about astrophotography opportunities here . For information regarding star parties please contact Andy Torres at 432-249-0315.

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