What will you find in Marathon, Texas?

Welcome to a serene community under one of the darkest and starriest night skies in the country.

Here you'll find friendly people, beautiful surroundings, and a delightful climate. 


With a growing number of overnight accommodations, as well as two parks located in town, Marathon is gaining traction as a pleasant getaway unto itself.  You'll feel galaxies away from city stresses as you take in a sunset, enjoy a picnic at our county park, and stargaze on a cool evening. 


Plus, it's a short and scenic drive to Big Bend National Park, one of Texas and the Nation's most special treasures.  Marathon offers modern conveniences adjacent to this great wilderness.


This year has presented new challenges with the plight of the global COVID-19 pandemic.  Marathon residents have taken the global pandemic very seriously, as reflected in the precautions businesses are taking all across town, following CDC guidelines and state mandates.

Businesses remain open and are following CDC guidelines and state mandates for social distancing, cleaning practices, and wearing a mask.  

For the remainder of 2020, all events have been cancelled. 


Marathon has a strong tradition of community events, including the Cabrito Cookoff, Quilt Show, and Fiesta de Noche Buena.  We look forward to bringing these events back in 2021, but for now, the town is practicing utmost caution, and made the difficult decision to hold off on hosting large gatherings for the remainder of the year.

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Fun Fact: Marathon was founded in 1882 by Capt. Albion E. Shepard, a former sea captain, who said the surrounding terrain reminded him of the plains of Marathon, Greece.

Established 1882       |       Elevation 4040 feet       |       Population 430